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You have just found a powerful Microsoft Access microsoft access schedulerScheduler Template designed to save you time and help you learn !

If you're like most Microsoft Access Developer, you KNOW the value of fast and effective development.

What if you could start a project with a well documented template that would make you save time and money, and help you learn Microsoft Access programming techniques at the same time. Or you could just import the objects you need in your own project...

You have to develop a Microsoft Access Database that runs resources (therapists, doctors, hair stylists, dentists, beauty salons, lawyers, meeting rooms ...) and manage a schedule for it with task to do ?

Here’s the tool for youA Microsoft Access Database Scheduler Template designed to save you time and help you learnmicrosoft access scheduler

Resource Scheduler Microsoft Access database that you can use as a template.


It runs:

  • resources (visual calendar task scheduler that dig into a monthly view)
  • topics 
  • employee
  • and much more ...

You will learn:

  • How to use a scheduler in the form of a calendar (very popular)
  • How to design a security system (With a login and password form)
  • How to use a date selector 
  • How to create a rolodex manager for customer or anything you like  
  • How to create a startup form 
  • How to manage a To Do list
  • How to manage reports and labels
  • and much more ...

You can start a project with this database and use it as it is or you can modify it to suit your needs. You will save a lot of time plus it’s a great way to learn different techniques regarding Microsoft Access queries, forms, reports and vba programming. You have access to all the source codes. It’s yours to use in your project.

Remember, you can take this software and quickly learn from it, improve your productivity, reduce your work load and be more competitive.

Try it in an .mde version for 15 days.  




























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Microsoft Access is the most widely used database system in the world. More then 40 million companies use it. When correctly used, Access offers an excellent alternative for the bigger database systems like Oracle, DB2 or SQL Server. When you have a lot of users connected at the same time to a database (50 and more...), Access is not a logical choice but for up to 20 users it's the most economical solution because of the rapid development environment.

The use of Microsoft Access helps reduce development costs and time and you don't need a big technician team to take care of the database. Just make periodic backups like for any other database system.

For some persuasive arguments on why Access is "right sized" for a lot of jobs, read the white paper "Database Evolution: Microsoft Access Within an Organization’s Database Strategy" by Luke Chung, president of FMS, Inc.